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Prof. Benny Natan, Dean of StudentsIn recent decades, Technion has become a global academic powerhouse, thanks to ground-breaking research, three Nobel Prizes and extensions in China and New York. Still, our real treasure is you, our student.

Our students are accepted to the Technion regardless of nationality, religion, race or gender, based on one single criterion: excellence. However, many of our students are troubled with issues that make it hard for them to focus on their studies and succeed - family problems, read more..

Personal Assistance

Concerned with the economic welfare of students; initiates and organizes projects promoting general welfare.

Advancement of Students

Assistance in pinpointing sources of academic pressure; introduce coping strategies to boost academic success.

Career Services

.The unit operates as a career center and Providing career services

Student Dormitories

Over 4,000 residents live in the dormitories, from undergraduate to postgraduate students.

Counseling Center

Lend a supportive and attentive ear; offers a variety of therapy options to cope with emotional distress.

Social & Cultural Activities

Organizes activities to promote a colorful and well balanced lifestyle; in collaboration with ASAT and Technion International.