Reserve Duty Privileges

The Dean of Students Office provides a support system and extensive adjustments and benefits for students serving as reservists in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Available Services:

  1. Handling VALTAM (Reserve Duty Coordinating Committee).
  2. Personal counseling.
  3. Information and authorization regarding entitlements for free summer courses.
  4. Information on entitlement for option to convert social actions into academic credits (permitted twice during the course of their degree).
  5. Remote access to all internet services provided to students on campus (using Net-Sticks-Cell Modems) and consent for taping lectures during reserve duty.
  6. Instruction and individual tutoring to reduce learning gaps.

*Please note that all students serving in army reserve duty or other national service for over 8 days are eligible for exercising their option to convert reserve duty into academic credits.

All requests should be forwarded to Ms. Shuly Shwartz at the Personal Assistance Unit of the Dean of Students Office,
located at the Fishbach Building (side entrance adjacent to Ullmann Building).
Ms. Shuly Shwartz
Tel: 04-829-2535