Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Technion has adopted policies to ensure an academic environment that respects all women and men equally free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault and violence, be it verbal or physical. The institute prohibits acts of sexual harassment and advises against intimate relations within superior/subordinate status. Technion will not accept conduct deemed sexually offensive such as provocative comments or body language including derogatory statements and sexually suggestive gestures.

Technion conducts advocacy and training for the university community including: students, faculty, administrative staff and contract workers.

Technion’s English Synopsis of the Regulations for Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PDF).

To whom do these regulations apply?

Any Technion student or employee including: Every Technion student (anyone enrolled in a Technion academic program, including Technion’s Pre-University programs and Technion students on vacation), every faculty member (senior or junior, including academic guests) and member of a research team, every administrative employee (permanent and temporary, including contracted and service providers of all kinds), including guests within the confines of Technion premises or its operations.

Who can you turn to within the university?

Any Technion student or employee (as defined above) who would like to report sexual harassment (an act on their personal being or one they have witnessed or overheard) are invited to contact a Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator of their choosing in writing or in person (a list of coordinators are provided below).

All of our coordinators have sworn to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the complainants and reported victims, with respect to their wishes and in accordance with the law.

Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinators

Prof. Emeritus Naomi Carmon, Commissioner of Complaints | 04-829-4075

Dalia Peled, Official Counsellor |077-887-1519

Galit Begano, Coordinator (Administrative Staff) | 04-829-2784

Malka Rosenfeld, Coordinator (Student Association) | 04-829-2634

Nimrod Herni | 052-896-6968

Pnina Aloni, Technion Research & Development Foundation | 04-829-3726

Galit Stoller, Bat-Galim Campus | 04-289-5398

Rotem Boaron, Sarona Campus, Tel-Aviv | 03-696-6662 ext. 6

Dafna Hershko , Contract Employees | 04-829-2596