Welcome to Dean of Students Site

In recent decades, Technion has become a global academic powerhouse, thanks to ground-breaking research, three Nobel Prizes and extensions in China and New York. Still, our real treasure is you, our student.

Our students are accepted to the Technion regardless of nationality, religion, race or gender, based on one single criterion: excellence. However, many of our students are troubled with issues that make it hard for them to focus on their studies and succeed - family problems, mental problems and financial, as well as language and communication, difficulties. I personally experienced some of these difficulties as a young student at Technion quite a few years ago.

The Greek poet Dionysios Solomos wrote, “Doors are not so easily opened when the needy knock and yearn.” In addition, the students themselves do not always know which door to knock on. This is where the Dean of Students Office comes into the picture. The office is responsible for student aid in the form of scholarships and loans, dormitories and mentoring, psychological counseling, helping reservists and pregnant women, and enriching campus life through social and cultural activities.

Technion is Israel’s leading academic institution not only in research achievements but also in terms of its students’ welfare and the support that they receive. My job as Dean of Students is to maintain and improve the existing aid system, to foster the relationship between students and faculty and to be available to everyone for the benefit and welfare of the students.

My door is open to you all,

Best regards,

Prof. Benny Natan, Dean of Students